chic is the state of mind

Dear ladies, And, perhaps, gentlemen.


I am glad that you have looked into the space of my virtual bedroom at number 409.

It all started with the death of an important writer for me and my move to Paris, when a book called "Room 409"was born. The book was published in two languages and helped many women to gain confidence in their feelings, in their elegance, in their chic... in themselves as a woman. To understand that beauty is a religion, and by cultivating beauty and chic - everything around is changing in this direction. Women wanted to try on the image of my heroine, and men obsessively asked where to meet such a woman.


During my life, I have talked with very different and famous ladies. Among them were famous French courtesans, great actresses such as Claudia Cardinale, aristocrats of different generations and different countries... Arab princesses. I learned a lot from them. I also learned a lot from decent men, helping them find the women of their dreams. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a pimp. But men asked me to help them in their relationships. To cultivate love. Love is an unearthly feeling. But, despite this, he also needs to be educated. First of all, in yourself.

I went through different fields of activity. From working in a famous casino to the brand manager of the Queen Elizabeth supplier. I am an agent of famous actresses and I am working on my brand. But nothing brings me more energy than inspiring others to their own perfection. Inside and out.

In my "room 409" you will find various tools. Books, face serums, fragrances, courses, and personal coaching according to a special method invented by me. I'm a writer ... and I'm going to write a story about you.

I will help you find new contacts, give you the secrets of physical beauty, open your inner chic. After all, a gorgeous woman is an eternal woman. Like a gorgeous man.

This is my task: to help you cultivate chic inside and out, to turn you into a player of different roles, to make you an Eternity.


Welcome to Room 409!